Gesta’s Stock Rises, Rios’ Drops

Mercito Gesta looked impressive in his fight Saturday night, while another star got a shockingly generous gift from the judges.

Zachary Huttonby Zachary Hutton

Lightweight Mercito Gesta (25-0-1, 13KOs) is an undefeated prospect hailing from the Philippines. The heavy handed southpaw got his chance to improve his stock on the Marquez-Fedchenko undercard this past Saturday night on PPV when he took on a journeyman in the form of Oscar Cuero (15-8, 12KOs).

In the early rounds Gesta hit his opponent with beautiful counter punches and with dazzling power. Cuero looked very game as the fight went on but it was Gesta who landed a lighting quick body shot in combination every time. The journeyman attempted to make a fight out of it but Gesta did find himself eating hard crosses from time to time; however it was Cuero who was out-landed in every single round.

Cuero was dropped twice in the fight. In the seventh Gesta landed a vicious right hook to the body that slowly but surely had Cuero momentarily crumbled. Cuero bravely got back to his feet only to be destroyed by a right hook in the very next round.

With 1:38 left in the round the referee made the correct choice by waving off the fight giving Gesta the victory. Cuero clearly didn't need to take anymore damage.

Mercito Gesta is a fine prospect that we'll be looking out for in the near future.

Another fight on Saturday night featured one of boxing's brightest new stars, Brandon Rios (30-0-1 23KOs).

Rios took on an impressive contender named Richard Abril (17-3-1, 8KOs).

Rios, who is the number one ranked lightweight in the world and was thought to be given a golden opportunity if he got past the slick Abril, failed to make weight and therefore forfeited the title shot that was at stake; but as always in boxing, the fight goes on.

The fight began with Abril keeping his distance behind a stiff jab followed by effective straight rights. Rios applied pressure but was constantly left flabbergasted by Abril's elusive style. At the end of the first round Rios had one of his few bright spots in the fight when he landed a looping right that sent Abril back against the ropes.

Abril kept moving in the second as Rios continued to push himself inside. Abril cleverly sheltered his head began to his right hand and protect his left side with his shoulder every time Rios charged inside. Rios ate combinations each time he attempted to rush the taller, lanky contender. Abril held Rios many times throughout the rounds as Rios charged in. Abril did manage to effectively land sharp right hands that didn't hurt Rios but temporarily kept him at bay.

Rios came forward for the whole fight but almost all of his punches were blocked and stopped by Abril's slick amateur style. After five rounds of constant pressure, Abril was able to effectively avoid damage as Rios was held or countered each time he jumped inside to make it a fight.  

But what we have here is what makes boxing so frustrating to many fans. Rios was given a gift in the form of a bogus split decision victory with the scores of 117-11 for Abril, 115-112 for Rios and 115-113 for Rios.

This was a horribly judged fight as Rios looked to only win two to three rounds because of Abril's excessive holding. The fight was indeed an ugly one but Abril clearly deserved the nod.