Denver Kids Return $1500 in Rockies Tickets

A group of honest kids showed tremendous character in returning found tickets.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Let me throw out an imaginary scenario for you.

OK, say you, and a couple of friends, were just walking down the road on a nice sunny day. One of you happen to glance down and see an envelope just sitting alongside of the road. Curious, one of you picks it up, glances inside, and finds that there is a big mass of baseball tickets to your local major league team.

And not only are these just regular tickets; no, all of these tickets were for seats behind home plate. In fact, if you were to pile up the value of all these tickets monetarily, they would add up to roughly $1500.

So, you're holding the equivalent of over a grand in your hand, just found lying on the ground, what would you do next?

Well, if your Alex Mastro, Eamon Duffy, and Ben Capra of Denver middle school, you don't keep a single one and you get them back to their owner.

That's right, this 'hypothetical' situation actually happened to these three boys and instead of enjoying the spoils of their find, they approached 9News, the local NBC affiliate in Denver, in the hopes that they might help them find the rightful owner of these tickets.

"Some kids would have just kept them, free Rockies tickets, you know?" Capra said in an interview with 9News.

"It's a lot of money right there," Duffy said. "I think it's good that we didn't even take one ticket out. We left them all in."

With the help of the station, the owner of the tickets were found and these three honest boys can hold their heads up high knowing they did the right thing.

"I'm really proud of them doing the right thing, they took the initiative to pick up the tickets and get them to the right owner," Mastro's father, Mike Mastro said.

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