Alabama’s BCS Championship Trophy Shatters

The Crimson Tide join a list of schools that have had bad luck keeping the trophy safe, extremely costly for Alabama.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

What one man builds, another can easily break. That's the nature of the beast that is life. But for the reigning college football BCS national champions, the Alabama Crimson Tide, this lesson in reality came at expense of their Waterford Crystal trophy that was awarded to them when they won the national championship game back in January.

Valued at $30,000, the trophy now lies in pieces thanks to an accident this past Saturday evening.

According to school officials, the father of a current player accidentally toppled the trophy when he stumbled on a rug that was under the trophy while it was displayed following Saturday's A-Day spring scrimmage game.

Despite it's short existence under the ownership of Alabama, the trophy did manage to make the rounds. A statewide tour allowed fans to pose with pictures at various retail outlets. The football was displayed up until Saturday morning when fans grabbed a few final photos before the A-Day Game.

The breaking of this trophy isn't the first time this type of thing has happened. Florida's 2006 crystal football was knocked from its pedestal, by a recruit who later signed with rival Georgia.

Also, Florida State has lost two of its Waterford footballs, but without the violent crash and a happier ending. The Seminoles' 1993 and '99 trophies were stolen in 2004. A reward was offered, and the heist was solved, with arrests, more than a year later.

Alabama is currently exploring options on replacing the crystal and is refusing to release the name of the man responsible for its destruction; which is probably the smartest thing they could consider doing given the extreme culture that surrounds Alabama football.

Photo Credit: Tyler Kaufman/Icon SMI

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