‘True Blood’ Season 5 Preview Scene: Terry & Patrick In Danger

Terry's old war buddies may end up getting him killed.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Last season on "True Blood," the relatively normal couple of Terry (Todd Lowe) and Arlene (Carrie Preston) had to deal with mysterious phenomena including a haunted doll, the spirit of a murdered mother who kidnapped their baby and a warning from the dead serial killer Rene (Michael Raymond-James) who fathered said baby with Arlene.

Also, Arlene screamed. A lot.

In the upcoming fifth season of "True Blood," Arlene will likely have several new reasons to be scared out of her mind. But the chief threat may come from Patrick (Scott Foley), one of Terry's buddies from their military stint in Iraq who returned in the fourth season finale. It's not clear if Patrick is supernatural in nature, but Rene did specifically warn Arlene about him and Terry was fairly certain that Patrick was dead before his reappearance.

HBO has released a new behind-the-scenes preview scene from the new season of "True Blood" as they show us the filming of a key scene in which Terry and Patrick find one of their other comrades who may have gone completely bats*** crazy as he demands to know if "anything" followed them.


Fair Warning, the clip contains some very NSFW language.


Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, "True Blood" executive producer Alexander Woo elaborated on Terry's storyline for the fifth season.

“Terry has bottled up a lot of his own past, so much so that it’s not even clear how much Arlene really knows about his past,” explained Woo. “So, when you have someone from his past coming in, you can probably piece together that this is going to be a struggle for Terry.”

“In many ways, it’s actually a very human and relatable story,” continued Woo. “And anyone who’s been through a traumatic period and has put that behind them knows that when you have a reminder — it doesn’t even need to happen in a supernatural show — the drama can be very real.”

"True Blood" returns to HBO on Sunday, June 10.