Quiz: Do You Have a Reason to Live Post Dark Knight Rises?

Do you have a reason to go on after the movie to end all movies?

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

Once you've reached the top of the mountain, what's the point of anything else? Chis Nolan's Batman films are arguably the best superhero movies that have ever released. Every on has been better than the previous and with Nolan and Bale exiting the franchise after this coming installment, we're destined to have to start again from the beginning. 

So why not just shut down Hollywood? Chances are you're going to see the best movie in your entire life this summer and no other movie is going to come as close as being this good, so why not just put an end to all of it?  Of course, this is never the answer but maybe our quiz might leave you wondering if you should seek help.

Take the quiz and find out:


1.) What are you doing before the midnight screening?

a.) Probably playing video games, I dunno, what else do I do before movies?

b.) Watching Batman Begins and The Dark Knight with some buddies.

c.) Weeping softly knowing the end is near.

d.) Packing up my closet so my parents don’t have to go through the pain.


2.) Once you see TDKR, how’s your love life looking?

a.) Good, I guess. I saw the movie w/ my chick.

b.) There’s a lot of people to meet in Dark Knight Rises chatrooms.

c.) What’s the point of loving something other than Christopher Nolan?

d.) Great, Anne Hathaway is my new girlfriend now. She just sent me a love letter. Well, it’s kind of a “love letter,” but more like a “love order.” Yeah, a love restraining order.


3. What is your second most anticipated summer movie?

a.) The Avengers.

b.) Spider-Man, I guess.

c.) Um, that one I can’t really remember. Honestly, I don’t really care.

d.) This independent one called, “Making Out My Own Will.”


4. On the off chance that TDKR is sub-par, what are you going to do?

a.) It makes sense what with all the hype.

b.) I’ve never been let down by Chris Nolan and I don’t expect to start now.

c.) Surely, you’re joking.

d.) You shut your f*cking mouth, you piece of f*cking sh*t!!! You hear me!?!


5. A friend asks you to go to an amusement park in August, after the screening, you say:

a.) Yes!

b.) Why not?

c.) I’ll be seeing TDKR for the 800th time.

d.) I’ll be in Peaceful Gardens. Two acres in, about six feet down.


6. What is your twitter handle?

a.) @Batfan1

b.) Darknitefanatic73

c.) Capedlunatic4

d.) Batjihad666


7. What would it take to prevent you from being first in line to the midnight screening?

a.) I’ll probably go during the week, once the crowds die down.

b.) A traffic accident.

c.) An act of God.

d.) All the armies of the world with all the thermonuclear weapons, plus zombies, plus nazis, plus nazi zombies.


8. What are you eating before you see the movie?

a.) Dinner.

b.) Butterfingers and coke.

c.) Chicken Wings and beer.

d.) I want to have an empty stomach, as I heard you crap your pants after you die.


9. What are your friends and family saying about your fanatic devotion to the franchise?

a.) We like it just as much as he does!

b.) We’re happy he has something to hold onto.

c.) He should spend more time outside.

d.) We have no child. Well, not anymore.


CRAVEONLINE wants you to know there is life after The Dark Knight Rises.