The Avengers Shot One More Scene Last Night?

Robert Downey Jr.'s joke at The Avengers press conference might not have been a joke after all.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


At the press conference for Marvel Studios' The Avengers yesterday, before we got our exclusive Guardians of the Galaxy news, the cast was all joking around, so it was easy to write off a remark from Robert Downey Jr. as mere press baiting. At the very end of the first half of the press conference, he told reporters, "We're actually not done shooting. We're shooting one more scene tonight. I'm not kidding. No more questions." He then promptly left the stage. Shortly thereafter, director Joss Whedon told reporters, "He's Robert. Of course he's kidding." 

We were willing to leave it at that, but several sources from across the internet, thanks in part to Mark Ruffalo, were able to confirm that shooting would indeed take place. That said, the nature of the scene is completely unknown. It could be a short coda for the end of the credits – although the movie, including the requisite teaser for upcoming Marvel Studios films, is completed and was presented this week – or it could be a special feature for the DVD, or a commercial, or a promotional video, or a video birthday card for all we know. It's not too late for the scene to make it into the feature film, but it's really cutting it down to the wire, especially if any visual effects whatsoever would be necessary. The Avengers opens on May 4.

CraveOnline will be back with more Avengers news after they assemble more footage.