10 Epic Game of Thrones Videos

Winter is Coming, and these videos are HOT!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Lets start things off right with two of my favorite parody song makers, currently charting weekly on youtube. Chad and Angie from ‪ScreenTeamShow

Game of Thrones! Glad You Came – The Wanted Parody

Chad and Angie from the screen team show off their best assests in creating this Song parody of "Glad You Came" by The Wanted. Lyrically I’ve gotta say it’s not the funniest thing ever, but visually and thematically I’m pretty into to what they’ve done here… Which is mostly show off Angie as much as possible.


The Barber of Westeros

Ok before we go any further down the Spoiler trail, if you think you’ve missed something, if you’re not caught up, if you’re unaware that winter is coming, let’s give you a quick refresher on the whole Game of Thrones story…


RIHANNA – WE FOUND LOVE "Music Video Parody"

With more horse heart eating parody music, the gang from Winterspringpro have come up with this Rhianna Game of Thrones Spoof.


Disney's Game of Thrones

Speaking of Mash Ups, here’s one for all the Disney Game of Thrones fans. While I think this still could have been tightened up and done better, I think it’s worth mentioning!


Hitler finds out about Ned Stark in Game of Thrones

And now a classic Meme given a GOT edge! This had to happen.


How Game of Thrones Season 1 Should Have Ended

This is pretty much exactly what I thought should have happened after I saw the first season. Also, I thought the Imp should have fought that creepy breast feeding 10 year old and made him fly.


A Goonies Game of Thrones

Much like the last video, I literally thought of this scene from Goonies when I was watching this episode. This could have been done better, once the editor starts cutting in some decent lip syncing, it really sells the mash up. I wish there’d been more!


Game of Thrones remix – Nice and Ego

Let’s take a Game of Thrones remix Dance break!


Game of Thrones Winter Sale

Ok, I’m only including this because I think it’s a great premise, but I want some on to steal it and do it better. This really needed to have something like The Mountain as one of the models, sporting his plate mail (50% off) and killing things, and then posing with those things all sexy like.


Game of Thrones & the 3 Spectators – SoBad-ItsGood.com

I’m pretty sure the intention here was that these three ladies are supposed to be in the same room as Drago, but I’d rather believe that they actually just dress up like this to watch the show.


What If 'Game of Thrones' Was a Buddy Comedy

This is pretty much the most perfect video ever. I think I even got a little chocked up there for a bit.

Catch you next time, cause Sunday is Coming! I mean Winter… winter..