Syfy’s Time Travel Drama ‘Rewind’ Signs Four

Oscar-nominated actress Keisha Castle-Hughes and three others join the cast of the new time travel pilot for Syfy.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Earlier this year, "Rewind" become one of only two drama pilots currently in production at Syfy. And "Rewind" appears to be in full swing with the announcement of four additions to the cast.

Deadline is reporting that Keisha Castle-Hughes, Robbie Jones, Jennifer Ferrin and Keon Mohajeri have been signed to the two hour pilot of "Rewind," joining Shane McRae who was previously announced as a cast member. "Rewind" follows a team of civilian scientists and military personnel who use untested time travel technology in an attempt to change the future and avert a massive terrorist attack.

Castle-Hughes will portray the team's historian, Priya; a behavioral anthropologist whose knowledge of the past isn't limited to the information found in books and internet searches. Jones will play Danny, the right hand man of team leader, Henry Knox (McRae), while Ferrin will step into the role of Bryce, a scientist whose genius allowed her to graduate from MIT at 18. Also, Bryce doesn't care if people don't like the way that she doesn't hide her intelligence.

As for Mohajeri, he will be a brilliant Mathematician named Charlie who has invented a technology that reduces history to equations which allows the team to predict the outcome of their actions in the past.

Of the performers, Castle-Hughes has the distinction of being the youngest woman ever nominated for Best Actress Oscar for her leading role in Whale Rider. Jones was previously a costar of the CW series, "Hellcats" and Ferrin had a leading role on NBC's short lived superhero series, "The Cape." Mohajeri is a Canadian actor whose most recent TV role was in the series "Republic of Doyle."

"Rewind" isn't the only time travel pilot vying for a spot on Syfy. "Sons of Anarchy" screenwriter Brett Conrad is also producing a two hour pilot for "The Dover Agenda;" which follows a man who is recruited into a secretive high tech organization by his future self. At the very least, both projects seem destined to air as two hour TV movies if they aren't picked up to series.

However, the similar premises may lead Syfy to pick one time travel show over another. And with "Rewind" already in the casting phase, it may have just pulled ahead in the Syfy time travel race.

Which time travel TV series do you want to see on Syfy: "Rewind" or "The Dover Agenda"? Travel back in time and leave your opinions in our comment section below!