Golfer Calls Out Woods

Former Ryder Cup Captain Paul Azinger comments on woods' weekend antics.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Tiger Woods may eventually go down as the greatest golfer to ever live. He may again find that groove that made him the most dominate golfer of any age. But as of this second, Tigers a man foundering in his own reputation and inconsistency and it doesn't look like that may change anytime soon.

Never known as a reserved player, even in his prime, Woods has always been prone to wearing his emotions on his sleeves. You knew when things were going well by the fist pumps and lusty yells, and you knew when he was doing bad by the cursing and hot glares.

This past weekend at Augusta, well, let's just say there wasn't any fist-pumping as Woods finished the event tied for 40th, 15 shots off the lead. In fact, Tigers emotional spectrum was way off the other side, so much so that other golfers noticed and took offense to his antics.

"Tiger's antics this week were an embarrassment to the game, to the membership at Augusta.” said former Ryder Cup Captain Paul Azinger during an interview on Sirius XM Mad Dog Radio show this week. “I was really disappointed to see him carry on that way. He's not trying to endear himself to anybody. And after he won Bay Hill I thought, 'here we go again, this is going to be Tiger just kicking butt and taking names.' I don't know. I thought he acted like the south end of a northbound mule."

Apparently, in his anger and frustration, Woods was seen kicking clubs repeatedly, an action not out of character for the man, but one that is hugely inappropriate considering the setting.

Azinger also went on to rip Tigers game, saying that "….in the 28 years I've played golf for a living I've never been as lost as he looked out there."


Woods, for his part, seemed very subdued after his disappointing finish, putting an emphasis on his inability to take advantage of the par 5's for his lackluster finish.

"I didn't hit the ball very good this week, and what's frustrating is I know what to do, and I just don't do it," said Woods, who shot 74 and for just the second time as a pro failed to break par in any of the four rounds at Augusta. "I get out there and I just don't trust it at all. I fall back into the same old patterns again, and I just need to do more reps.

"Thank God my short game was good this week and my putting was really good. Unfortunately, they were all for pars, not for birdies."

It's hard to say if whether or not Tiger is ever going to return to the dominate golfer fans know and love but one thing is certain, if he doesn't, his childish rants on course won't be tolerated for long. There's only so far a brand name can carry you and eventually, without wins, Tiger will find that point.

Photo Credit: Zuma Press/Icon SMI