Top 5 Reasons Eli Manning IS An Elite Quarterback

Even after a second Super Bowl MVP, there are still doubters.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Even after winning his second Super Bowl and claiming his second big game MVP, there are still people out there who doubt Eli Manning's elite status among active QB's. Well, what the Hell do they know, I say! Below is five reasons why Eli is an elite QB like he said at the start of the season.


5. He just keeps getting better.

Eli didn't have the best start to his career as he struggled early to get used to the expectations and pressures of being a NFL quarterback. But, slowly and steadily, he has been rising the ranks of current QB's to place himself easily into the top 5 and who knows, give the guy another five years and he may even top this list. It is hard to imagine that but looking at his career improvement year by year, it's a little scary. He's like the Jason Voorhees of QB's; he just slowly catches up with anyone in front of him and cuts him down to size.


4. Eli brings it when the pressure is at his highest.

Let's face it, nobody is ever going to mistake Eli Manning for Drew Brees or even his older brother Peyton when it comes to just chucking it around the field. That's not how he's built and that's not how the Giants are built. But it's fast getting to the point where I won't take hardly anyone over him when it comes down to needing points in the final quarter of the game. This dude is making a habit of saving his best work when it's needed the most, as evidenced by his two late Super Bowl drives and NFL record 15 fourth quarter TD's this season.


3. The one quarterback you DON'T want coming to your stadium in the playoffs is Eli.

Winning playoff games as a whole are difficult but winning road playoff games is even tougher! Some of the greatest QB's to ever play the game have failed miserably when faced with road playoff games. Dan Marino went 1-6 in those situations, Joe Montana 2-5, Brett Favre 3-7. Heck, even Peyton is a measly 2-5 on the road in the playoffs. Eli, well, he's a NFL record 5-1 when traveling in the postseason….nuff said.


2. Just look at his last name!

Archie Manning didn't raise no slouches when it comes to tossing the rock. Peyton is probably the better passer of the kids but for my money, in playoff situations, you know who everyone is picking. Yep, all fingers are swiveling to Eli. Even Archie himself wasn't no slouch throwing the ball. He tossed for over 20,000 yards and made a pair of Pro Bowls. The Manning name is going to go down as the greatest NFL family name of all time, easy.


1. It is all about the bling!

Outside of Jim Plunkett, who also won two Super Bowls in his career, there hasn't been any QB without two rings that hasn't made the Hall of Fame (and I'm not talking about backups either). In Plunkett's case, it's all about the stats and his don't really stack up to those in the HOF. Eli, on the other hand, has his two rings and possibly another decade of pig-skin slinging to go. He also has statistically passed Plunkett.

No, with only two other active QB's who can boast more than one ring (Roethlisberger and Brady), Eli has every right to call himself elite, because, well, he is and he has the hardware to back it up.