Funny Pages – Sausage Troubles

News fails, Obama Rages and some ladies have a mouthful of sausage trouble.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Today’s feature videos bring us the starting wave of election year humor,  a softer look at Super Mario’s nemesis Bowser and Pick a Dick, coming to a dot com near you! Probably… actually probably already exists.


StupidVideos  – Anchorwoman's Sausage Promotion Problem (link)

Hot Dog! I love news fails! So for starters, this is great, especially if you’re entering the sausage companion, cause you can have this news lady judge your sausage! Yay. Secondly, Peter Pepper picked a what? That’s right.

Remember: this is my rifle, this is my gun. This is for news fails, this is for fun.


Atom Films – Key And Peele Know What’s REALLY On Obama’s Mind (link)

Yep, it’s an election year. So get ready for tons more of this kind of stuff gacing our pages here on crave (and on all the video big shots)

College Humor – Jake and Amir: Traffic (link)

Jake and Amir return with the hate hate relationship, as they are once again stuck together for while stuck in traffice. Talk about a sketch that doesn’t go anywhere.



Dorkly – Bowser's Marital Problems (link)

I can’t be sure but Bowser’s wife sounds exactly like Mila Kunis to me… and once I recognized that, I had all sorts of inappropriate thoughts about what I’d do to her taunt, spiket, turtle shell, as she screams out for me to pull her horns. Which is apparently cool, now that she’s single!


UCB Comedy – Jim-A-Day Calendar: Feb 7, 2012 (link)

Good lord, somebody please go on to the UCB page and tell them to stop featuring these every damn day.


Funny Or Die – Arcade Daze (link)

Holy God. This just happened. Also can I point out the weird moment that happens at 1:16 specifically? Cause, that’s fine. I’m sure that’s all.. um.. “straight up” normal stuff. What’s this song “really” about… 😉           

That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.


Now go forth and go judge your own sausage!

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Here’s some bonus fun: