What to Laugh At in February 2012

This month is short on days, but big on laughs!

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

Welcome to February the month famous for being uncommonly short, and being most often misspelled. It’s also Black History Month which is always good for television comedy programing. Comedy Central and others are being the best in black comedians to the forefront this month and it’s a very good thing. Incidentally it’s also national Bird-Feeding Month but that hasn’t had much of an effect on TV.

So let’s take a visit to some of the best bets for upcoming chuckles in February.




Bernie Mac is one of those comedians whose true scope and effect on the business may not be apparent to the average comedy consumer. He was more than just a comedian, but an innovator, and gifted in more than a few disciplines. His combined work as a comedian and an actor have really made a mark that’s going to permanently change how people do both. Sadly in 2008 he was taken from us far too early by complications due to pneumonia (and a broader autoimmune disorder). This documentary looks both as his comedy career, and how he developed his amazing style, as well as his later television and film work. It was produced and directed by Robert Small who also created “Back from Hell: A Tribute to Sam Kinison.” which is one of my favorites. This is a must watch.

Keep it tuned to CraveOnline.com for more on Bernie Mac including interviews, and our own look at some of Bernie Mac’s great moments.


“NICK CANNON: MR. SHOWBIZ” – February 18 at 11:00 p.m. ET/PT.

You might remember Nick Cannon from “Wild N’Out” the MTV improvisation show which does so much to preserve short form improv as an art. Or, maybe you know Cannon from his being married to Mariah Carey, which is equally interesting. Regardless of how you first found him, Cannon has been on television and stages for years, and doing a fair job at all of it. This stand-up special, which is Cannon’s first, defiantly shows his trademark charm. It’s very loose, and fun, and self-effacing and it’s hard not to like every minute of it. It’s not the hardest core stand-up you’ll ever see, but it’s just so damn likable. It’s a good freshman debut.

We’ll take a look at Cannon’s career here on CraveOnline as we get closer to the special’s release. We’ll also have a full review for you a.s.a.p. Until then mark your calendar so you can watch and love Nick Cannon. You won’t be able to stop yourself.”


After the break we’ll talk about Albums coming up this Febtober.


“3 O’Clock Parade” By Tim Babb – Already Online 


Editors Note: We know this isn't "Self Promotion" but this image is fun! 

Very few comedians have such unique and disparate passions as Tim Babb…changing comfortably between his obsession with Disneyland and his cultural identity confusion (being half black and half white). He dances with his geeky upbringing and then dives into a talk about being a family man. He’s got a lot to talk about and it’s all amazing. Plus, and I rarely like this in most comedians, it’s all clean. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

As is currently the style his album is available on his website for whatever you feel it’s worth. I think it’s worth $40, but you don’t have to go by my example. I can tell you it’s worth your TIME, so go to his website and check it out. Check it out HERE: Tim's Album for you to PAY FOR! 

He also co-hosts a podcast www.tancast.com and posts constant videos about Disneyland on his youtube.

Check him OUT!

A little visit to television after the break:


The Colbert Report – All over Comedy Central in February 


 Stephen Colbert continues to revolutionize political commentary and comedy in this country. He’s making politics funny in these dark times, and he’s actually making good points along the way. Somehow Stephen Colbert has become the twisted self-deprecating id of America's political self-criticism and it’s wonderful to watch. Plus his Colbert Super-Pac drama has actually started to call real attention to the effect these PACs have on American politics. Watch the Colbert Report in February and beyond and you might just learn something about how this country works, and you’ll be laughing the whole way down. Also in case you didn’t see his 2 part interview with children's author Maurice Sindak (Where the Wild Things Are) here is for your enjoyment. It is the best interview ever done by human beings. EVER.

Go past the break for more Feb-tacular funnies.


Valentines Day

This month contains the single day of the year that generates the most poorly written Facebook and Twitter rants that come up in your feed alongside sappy, horrible, mind-destroying love stories about how some girl met a guy in some boring way. I think Valentines Day is 100 times funnier than any other holiday. It’s funnier than Easter with its whole “how are rabbits and chocolate and Jesus relevant” hacky jokes. It’s funnier than April Fool’s Day with its… well bullsh!t excuse to prank friends in poorly thought out ways. It’s funnier than Thanksgiving when your drunken aunt tells everyone an unsolicited “colorful” story about how she once serviced a sailor while he was on shore leave during Vietnam.   It’s FUNNY! It’s funny how much importance we give it, and it’s funny how angry people who don’t like it get. Valentine’s Day is funny as all hell. Plus it’s all made up. Even the legend of St. Valentine.  

Yep. Greeting card companies made it up.

Also calling it Black Friday (or whatever) is not funny. It’s a trite call to attention to yourself about how single you are and how little you like it. Chin up, eat some chocolate. It’s a fake holiday. Blammo.

Plus all the candy goes on MEGA SALE the next day!  

Upcoming TOURS after the break… 


“Jeff Ross Roasts America” – All over February and Beyond


Roastmaster Jeff Ross is going on tour. America should be warned. Ross, who’s somehow perfected the art of the roast like nobody else, is traveling the country and presumably letting each city and state know what sucks about it. Actually it’s not far from that. Along with stand-up, Ross brings audience members on to stage and “speed roasts” them based on what little information he has. It’s pretty amazing to watch. Ross is fearless, and quick, and together it makes the BEST of “mildly-insulting but somewhat revealing about societies truths and still it’s really “wow I can’t believe it” comedy.
Think of Ross like a more likable Don Rickles. Wait… you don’t know who Don Rickles is? You’re horrible. http://www.mrwarmth-themovie.com/

Here are some of the tour-dates so far:

2/10/12 – Winnipeg, MB: Burton Cummings Theatre
2/11/12 – Toronto, ON: Queen Elizabeth Theatre
2/12/12 – Ottawa, ON: National Arts Centre Theatre
2/16/12 – Calgary, AB: McEwan Hall
2/17/12 – Edmonton, AB: Myer Horowitz Theatre
2/18/12 – Vancouver, BC: Vogue Theatre
2/23/12 – Charlotte, NC: The Fillmore Charlotte
2/25/12 – Silver Springs, MD: The Fillmore Silver Springs

We’ll have more about Jeff Ross here on CraveOnline…Until he insults us, and we go away sad.


So that’s a good short list on what to laugh at in this good short month. Thanks to this year’s unseasonable warmth most of the country can even spend some of their time watching comedy and fold in some outside time. Yea! Global Warming is REAL!