Aldridge Snub Part II

Will LaMarcus Aldridge get snubbed for the Western Conference All-Star Team again? 

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Aldridge was hands down the biggest All-Star snub last year. His 21 points, 8 boards, and 1.2 blocks put him in many player power ranking top 10s, but it unfortunately didn’t make him one of the top 24 most popular. This year Aldridge has had to carry even more of the load for Portland with Roy’s unexpected retirement and Oden’s never ending health problems. This year Aldridge is up to 23.1 points per game and 8.7 rebounds.

The question is still the same, who spot is Aldridge going to take on the All-Star team?  At first glance it would appear the West has some space since perennial all-stars like Yao, Anthony, Ginobili, and Williams won’t make the team this year, but how many forwards can they possibly take? Last year the West took 6 forwards. If they take 6 forwards again this year it means Aldridge has to beat out one of the following: Durant, Love, Nowitzki, Gasol, Griffin, Duncan, or Millsap. That’s some tough competition. Someone is going to get snubbed the question is who.

LaMarcus’ official stance on the situation according to ESPN is, “I just focus on trying to win games, trying to help the team win and get better. And keep growing as a player. If that’s enough to be an All-Star then great. If not then I wasn’t even invested emotionally.”

Wow, he’s got his NBA press-core talking points down, but I’m not buying it. It’s hard to believe a player as competitive as Aldridge and widely regarded as one of the top 10 players in the game wouldn’t be miffed at not being selected as one of the top 24. Lets hope the fans recognize Aldridge this year and get him the All-Star jersey he deserves.