7 Weird Bill Cosby Mashups

The kids must have *brain damage* for making these.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

The interwebs has been infatuated with Bill Cosby for many, many years. There have been memes, web series and all sorts of internettery associated with The Cos, heh heh heh. Here’s a selection of pop culture mashup images that feature the famous comedian and sitcom dad, which both you and Rudy can enjoy together — as a family.


Nick Fury Cosby

…and that’s how Theo got on The Avengers. [via]


Mario Cosby

Here I go, down the slope, to collect the coins. [via]


Blade Cosby

Hunting vampires is like jazz music. [via]


Dragonball Cosby

Theo’s been grounded over 9000 months. [via]


Master Cosby

I need a weapon… Kodak film, perhaps? [via]


Galactus Cosby

He eats worlds as if they were Jell-o pudding pops. [via]


Jedi Cosby

May The Cos be with you. [via]


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