Liam Neeson Eats Wolf Stew, Angers PETA

PETA suggest that Neeson is a wolf homewrecker.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

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While they may be a band of attention-seeking gasbags masquerading as animal rights activists, PETA often say/do some very silly things with celebrities that justifies their place in the universe, like that time they accused Super Mario of skinning Tanooki’s.

Today PETA have cast their critical eye on the nations’ father figure and part-time Lazarus pit owner Liam Neeson, who recently spoke about his experiences with eating wolf stew whilst preparing for new film ‘The Grey’.

"It was very gamey”, he said, “but I'm Irish, so I'm used to odd stews. I can take it. Just throw a lot of carrots and onions in there and I'll call it dinner."

PETA responded by urging a boycott on the new film, saying "Many animals caught in traps chew off their own limbs in order to escape. These animals go on to die of gangrene or other secondary infections, sometimes leaving nursing puppies abandoned to fend for themselves.

"Wolves are intelligent, family-oriented animals who mate for life and live in tightly bonded packs. Breaking up a wolf family causes loneliness, separation-anxiety, depression and grief."

So there you have it. Neeson is a wolf homewrecker. PETA continued: "Neeson’s stance on kindness to animals is sorely out of step with the rest of the world.

"Don’t just shy away. Run away from The Grey."

I’m actually with PETA on this one. Wolves are awesome. What other animal would look cool on the front of a t-shirt? Certainly not cows or pigs, that’s why those f***ers are eaten all the time. If you simply must eat a wolf, then at least turn it into a wolf burger or something more manly than a stew. My Grandma cooks stews and she needs at least 2 people to accompany her to the bathroom.


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