Top 3 Things We Want to See on the iPad 3

We pick three improvements that belong on the iPad 3.

Eli Blueby Eli Blue

iPad 3

The iPad 3 is looking to out spark the iPad 2 in "it" factor with a release announcement by Spring 2012. With disappointing iPad 2 announcements for "under the hood" upgrades such as faster processing, a thinner frame (yawn), and improved screen resolution, here is our wish list for features that matter ten times more.

Note: To make it into our wish list, requests for features with a 90% probability, such as a price reductions, improved retina display, and higher resolution cameras do not apply.

Thunderbolt compatibility – Thunderbolt introduces the next wave, the heir apparent to USB ports everywhere with higher transfer speeds and improved video and music transfer between different Mac devices.

Limited iTunes – At the moment, both iPads need access to a PC to register and move files from iTunes to the iPad and vice versa. Wireless activation would bring the iPad 3 closer to being a standalone device and a poor man's replacement for a basic laptop by syncing data, App Store purchases, and allowing backup and restore options directly from the internet.

Sacrifice a thin frame for battery life – A thicker device could accommodate battery life to exceed 10 hours. With the difference between the iPad and iPad 2 abysmal (0.52 inches to 0.34 inches) and Samsung's Galaxy Tab nearly the same thickness as the iPad 2, it may no longer makes sense to make thickness a priority for the sake of battery life. If anything, experiment with 7-inch tablets, an idea Apple has been hesitant to move forward with.