Top 10 Best & Worst Super Bowl 2012 Commercials

Because nothing beats the death of hipster vampires!

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Although this year's Super Bowl was a close game that came down to the final minutes, this year's batch of commercials seemed to be noticeably less impressive than previous years. Normally, advertisers bring their A-game to "the big game" with commercials that are so funny or inventive that people still talk about them years later.

For the 2011 Super Bowl, there were still a few advertisements that lived up to challenge of their rivals, or some other Sylvester Stallone reference. Here then are the ten best Super Bowl commercials of 2012, followed by the ten worst commercials. And it was hard keeping the second list to just ten choices…


The Best:


Doritos: Man's Best Friend

Tony Soprano reborn as a dog. Fortunately, his owner can bribed cheaply.



Kia: Optima – A Dream Car. For Real Life.

Adriana Lima, Chuck Liddell and Motley Crew bring you strange dreams. This is what commercials will be like when they figure out how to beam them directly into our brains.



Chevrolet: Sonic's First

The ad says that these stunts are "100% Real." It's hard to believe, but awesome if true.



Hyundai: Cheetah

What I love about this one, is that of course the cheetah would do that. Try getting any cat ever to do something that you want. It never works out.



Hyundai: All for One

Rocky lives!



Honda: Matthew's Day Off

Matthew Broderick and Honda recreate most of Ferris Bueller's iconic moments in under a minute. That's better than a pointless modern day sequel or remake!


Toyota: It's Reinvented

Time traveling, non-pooping baby for the win! Confident You

Something about this ad makes me want to drink some Mike's Hard Lemonade.



Chevrolet: 2012

It's the happiest Mayan Apocalypse ever… if you're driving a Ceverolet truck. Because apparently driving a Ford will kill you.



Audi: Vampire Party 

This might be the last place you'd expect a "Twilight" parody, but I loved it. Die Vampire Hipsters, Die!



 And now for The Worst Super Bowl 2012 Commercials

Pepsi: King's Court

What is this?! Seriously, what the f*** is this?!



E*Trade: Fatherhood 

I am so sick of the God Damn E*Trade baby. And a speed dating infant?! Screw you, E*Trade!



Volkswagen: The Dog Strikes Back

I think this might be the year that "Star Wars" finally becomes nothing more than a marketing shill. The Vader kid was cute, but come on! This is BS.



H&M: David Beckham Bodywear

I'm sure that half the population would love long lingering shots of David Beckham in his underwear while looking incredibly smug. But this is not that half of the population. And if we were looking to fetishize half-naked men, that's what WWE and "Spartacus" are for. Body Paint  & The Cloud

Similarly, GoDaddy thinks that it only needs half naked ladies and s****y production values to keep pushing the .co crap on America. Someone needs to resend the memo about the '90s being over.




TaxACT: "Feel the Free"

Because nothing says freedom like pissing in your pool.




Acura: Transactions

I'm a big Jerry Seinfeld fan, but he needs more than just the Soup Nazi to make this work. And it's amazing to see Jay Leno suck out what little humor the ad had with his pointless cameo.



Will in Huluwood

"Hulu Plus, because now we want to find a way to charge you for a service that should be free." Also, is Will Arnett still a star?



Platinumn Bud Light

Normally, Bud Light has some of the best ads of the year. But the Platinum Bud Light commercials were terminally boring.



Bud Light: Rescue Dog

Bud Light strikes out again with an ad that tries too hard to recapture its magic while touting the benefits of adopting a rescue dog.