The Big List: Star Wars Gets Worse! Oscar Nominees Come Clean!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, we enjoyed those movies.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Time to make a great sci-fi movie, round out the trilogy with two more excellent sci-fi movies, create a set of three far inferior movies several years later, re-release the inferior movies in 3D, hire the worst voice over actor ever for the trailer and then check out these links!


Worst Star Wars Trailer Ever?

“Hurry up, Qui-Gon! I’m gonna destroy this whole planet with my shitty narration.”


5 Best Reactions To The Komen Decision

The internet is not amused. Oh wait, a cat video…!


Harry Potter Is Into Bush – Not The Band or The Former Presidents

Danielle Radcliffe’s wand goes stiff for hair.


27 Things You Never Noticed In Classic Video Games

Ho boy, talk about a kill screen. *Adjusts Tie*


If The 2012 Oscar Nominee Posters Were Honest…

Are there another 9 movies we can nominate?


That’s all for this edition of The Big List. Join us next week, as the list grows to an unthinkable new size!


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