5 More Cool Gadgets from Macworld

We look at five more cool gadgets from the Macworld/iWorld expo.

CraveOnlineby CraveOnline

MaciWorld (Macworld | iWorld) is the kind of place where you’d see giant inflatable sports headphones dangling from the ceiling. If I didn’t love tech gadgets, I wouldn’t be writing a tech gadget. That’s why one singular write up about Mac iWorld just wasn’t enough. For those who are fans of sequels, here’s a sequel  to cool gadget-stuff that was on hand on this Mac-crazy expo.


1) Like Pen On Paper


I always like the sensation of pen against notebook. When you’re scribbling away madly, you might want to add sketches or notes in the margins. Same when I’m proof reading a story  I like to take a pen and make corrections and notes directly on the page. Readdle has upped my game. Now I can save money on bloated-priced printer ink with Readdle. The iPad app allows you take notes with a pen gadget directly onto the screen and then save it in PDF form. Perfect for students and journalists who want to save money on printer ink.


2) Art Rage With the Machine


I’m a big Photoshop user when it comes to creating art. But I also like painting. The thing I missed with software is that actual hands-on experience of brush-on-canvas action. ArtRage is an easy to use, stylish painting package. The app allows you to have a simulated brush on canvas experience with your iPad. Sure it doesn’t entirely replace the sensation of painting on a canvas, but you’ll sure save money on paints.


3) Amp-tastic


Is it a copyright violation to put the letter “I” in front of the name of your product? I hope not for the sake of iRig, because they make some really cool audio products. Their company has apps to suit every singer, songwriter, and musician. Besides their wide variety of mics for the iPad and iPhone, I loved their amp app. AmpliTube is a free app that features real-time guitar and bass effects, recording and mastering capabilities.


4)     Video Editing – The Game

I don’t have a photo of the Global Delight app, so I included an image of a booth babe. Their $2 app, Game Your Video, provides various pre-fab filters and motions effects for your iPhone’s video. It also has audio filters and easy editing features. Wicked!


5) Sound Beyond Size


X-mini delivers what it hypes: Tiny, tiny speakers with big sound. They’re portable speakers that can fit right in your pocket, and pack a punch with rich sound. Finally a speaker that nicely compliments an iPhone.