8 Videos For Briona

Hi, baby girl. Everything’s okay, I promise.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Ahh, young love. Is it the creepiest of all the types of love? Witness the video below and its many, many parodies as evidence. Dominick, a shirtless 14-year-old, assures his girlfriend that everything will be okay. Perhaps for the couple, but what about for us? The emotional scars from this clip will never heal.


My Video For Briona (Original)

Kill this with fire, please. Thx.


My Horror Video For Briona

Don’t go back to him, Briona – it’s a trap!


Stalker’s Video For Briona


Seems like a nice young man.


Francis’s Video For Briona

Briona is lucky to have so many adoring suitors.


Frank from The Hit Squad’s Video For Briona

He wants to get on the high score list… of her heart.


Gangsta’s Video For Briona

Briona 4 Lyfe


Southern Man’s Video For Briona

How many boyfriends does Briona have?


My Satanic Video For Briona

Briona is the vessel… the vessel…


Bonus: My Video For Home Depot

Someone’s looking for a discount on power tools.


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor In Chief of The Devastator, the national comedy magazine for geeks.