Adam Sandler Goes to ‘Candy Land’

Wasn't this movie was supposed to be like The Lord of the Rings?

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

We've been ragging a lot on Adam Sandler lately here at CraveOnline. We wondered out loud if his films were the work of the devil, we called Jack and Jill the worst film of the year, and believe it or not, we'd really like to stop. But now he's just been announced as the star of Candy Land, so apparently we'll be at this for a while.

Deadline announced that Sandler will headline the Hasbro board game adaptation, which has apparently undergone a complete transformation since last year, when Kung Fu Panda 2 writers Jon Aibel and Glenn Berger were brought on board to turn the film into, as they put it, "Lord of The Rings, but set in a world of candy." Apparently somebody realized that the film was called Candy Land, because they're out of the picture, replaced by new screenwriters Robert Smigel and, obviously, Adam Sandler, who co-wrote the script for You Don't Mess with the Zohan together. The film will be directed by Kevin Lima, whose last film, 2007's Enchanted, was actually pretty great.

Yeah, we don't know how this was ever going to turn into The Lord of the Rings either. Apparently now we'll never know, because… fart jokes ahoy!

CraveOnline will be back with more Candy Land news after we pound some more Zours.