Blake Takes What Is His

[VIDEO] Griffin’s jaw dropping dunk and incredible play tops the Thunder.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

In one of the most hyped games of the weeks the Clippers hosted the Thunder in LA and this one did not disappoint. It came right down to the wire with LA slipping away with a 112 to 110 win over the dominating Thunder. 

The Clips were lead by Chris Paul who went for 26 points and 14 assists. These are the type of number LA expects from the man David Stern had to intervene with to stop a trade in the off-season to not make the NBA teams too lopsided. This performance of CP3 was a needed showing after his vanishing act against the Lakers early in the week. 

The Thunder were lead by their Mr. Everything, Kevin Durant who went for a game high 36-points and 13 rebounds. Their number 2 man Westbrook also game to ball with 32 points, but his decision making continues to hamper OKC at times.

Numbers aside it was Blake Griffin that everyone was talking about. Yes, he had 22 points.  Yes, his defense was much improved, but hid dunk? His dunk was what stole the night. Griffin’s dunk over Kendric Perkins will go down in history. This was one of those perfect moments in basketball. One of those moments where the stars align and a big time dunker comes up against a big time defender right outside the paint and we all get to see what’s up.

[Video from YouTube: BlakeGriffinChannel]

In short, Blake posterized Perkins so good, even Thunder fans would gladly buy a couple of those posters hot off the press. After the massive dunk that practically shut down LA and sent Twitter into a panic attack, there was still a second half of ball to play.

Dunks are great and definitely help get the crowd psyched and your mug on Sports Center, but this night really belonged to CP3. Pual picked the Thunder apart all night. Butler also went for 22 for the Clippers who come now have back-to-back big wins and are feeling better about their chances late in the season than ever.