Tomic Faces Court, But Not Tennis

Bernard Tomic charged with hoon driving.

Robert Whiteby Robert White

Quite adept on the tennis court, Australian star Bernard Tomic will face another type of court this month where he will defend himself from three traffic infringements, each that were cited on the Australia Day national holiday.

The circumstances are somewhat bizarre and involve Tomic being fined on two separate occasions within a two hour period before refusing to stop when police signaled him to pull over a third time.

Upon refusing to stop, police followed Tomic and a three hour standoff developed, finally ending when officers, lawyers and local politicians were able to defuse the situation, enter the Tomic residence and talk with the family.

The 19-year-old was said to be livid about the way in which he was treated and believes the recent police attention has been racially motivated. The Tomic family is considering making a formal complaint.

Tomic drives a bright orange BMW and although P-platers are not normally allowed to drive high performance vehicles, Tomic has been granted permission to use it to travel to the Southport Queens Park tennis centre, where he trains.

Tomic was also investigated last month for allegations of hoon driving.

It marks a blimp on what was an otherwise fantastic summer for the young star who finished second in the Brisbane International and made it to the fourth round of the Australian Open.