5 Things I Liked at Mac iWorld 2012

Check out the 5 coolest Apple related things we saw at the Macworld/iWorld event.

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Mca iWorld

Color me unimpressed, but I was a little under-whelmed at this year’s Mac iWorld in San Francisco. Maybe everyone had a little bit of a CES tech hangover. Despite the fact that Apple pulled out of the event a few years back, this is supposed to be thee ultimate gathering of all things Macintosh. In the past, I’ve felt like a little kid in a gizmo toy shop while attending the expo. This year I felt more hum than ho. Roughly 25,000 people attended the tech buffet of gadgetry; centered on ways of dressing up the old iPhone and iPad. (Laptops have become an ancient thing of the past.)

Here’re a few things that tickled my circuit board at this year’s gathering.


1) A Human-Sized Doxie Scanner

Doxie Scanner

Life is so much better when a portable scanner comes to life and has human features. Plus Doxie makes it easy to scan any document at your arm’s length with that handy wireless scanner, great for students and spies.


2) Portable iPhone Lens

iPro Lense

It’s all about making the iPhone the most important device in your pocket. I truly love the iPro Lens.  What they offer is 2 portable lenses to enhance your iPhone photography. All you have to do is twist on a Fish Eye or Wide Angle lens and you’re good to go. With innovations like this, we’ll soon be seeing less and less point-and-click cameras.


3) Intoxicase Beer Opener


Paaaaaarty! This device is so dumb but so effective. It’s simply a beer bottle open on the back of your iPhone skincase. The app let’s you count how many beers you drank. Some frat guy is surely making bank off his invention.


4) Cool Professional iPhone Camera Rigging Gear

iSupport Rig

The iPhone 4s is an incredible game changing phone. iSupport let’s you shoot photos like a pro with a rig setup that allows you to stabilize your device for capturing video and stills.


5) Old School Video Joystick for iPad


Retro is in when it comes to our latest devices. That’s why I was tickle to see this old school joystick that hooks up to your iPad and allows you to play retro video games. Thanks Atari!