Head To Head: The Coaches

Two Members of the Bill Parcells Coaching Tree Clash for the Second Time in the Big Game.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Bill Belichick, Head Coach of the New England Patriots and Tom Coughlin, Head Coach of the New York Giants, share many things in life. They are both SuperBowl winning coaches who stem from the great Bill Parcels coaching tree. They both have potential Hall of Fame QB's in Tom Brady and Eli Manning. Most importantly, however, what they both share is a mutual respect for each other and an iron clad control over their respective teams.

These two generals are seasoned, rigid warriors who expect their teams to flow into whatever mold each coach is looking to fill. While their exact personalities may differ, Coughlin by far seems the more outspoken of the two coaches, they share in some of the most important aspects of being a head coach. Those aspects being scouting players, developing them, and knowing exactly where they would fit best within their system.

In a head to head comparison, Belichick has the edge in overall wins and SuperBowl wins, but those numbers were thrust aside when these two coaches met in SuperBowl XLII where Coughlin's underdog Giants, completed one of the biggest upsets of all time in Besting Belichick's previously unbeaten Patriots season and robbing his old friend of a perfect season from start to finish.

While the Patriots seem to always cruise through the regular season, the Giants have to kick, scratch and claw their way to the postseason. It almost seems a yearly tradition for New Yorkers to be calling for Coughlin's job, honestly. But once in the playoffs, these Giants teams seem to transform into instant contenders and that has a lot to do with the iron resolve of their head coach.

Unfortunately, only one coach can come out of Sunday's game a winner, but for these two men, it's all about padding the stats because both of them has been their and done that. Now is abut doing it again in this epic rematch.


By The Numbers

Head Coaching Record (regular season):

Coughlin: 129-103-0

Belichick: 175–97–0


Head Coaching Record (postseason):

Coughlin: 10-7

Belichick: 17–6


Number of SuperBowl Appearances and Wins

Coughlin: 2, counting Sunday with 1 Win.

Belichick: 5, counting Sunday with 3 Wins


Head Coaching Awards:

Coughlin: Zip

Belichick: 3x AP Coach of the Year, NFL 2000 All Decades Team