Giants Will Win the Super Bowl, Predicts Madden

EA Sports and Madden think New York is coming away with the "W" this Sunday.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


EA Sports has continued their long-standing tradition of simulating the Super Bowl with Madden NFL football, this year rewarding the New York Giants with the coveted Lombardi trophy after beating the New England Patriots in the digital Super Bowl XLVI arena.

This might not be how the actual game plays out this coming Sunday, but EA is quick to point out in their press release that they predicted the Super Bowl correctly six times in the last eight years. Essentially, they demand we call them Miss Cleo.

If EA’s simulation is anywhere near accurate, then you can expect quite the slobberknocker this Sunday, with the Giants squeaking out a victory over the Pats, 27-24. Just be mindful to keep a barf bucket close by for when you’re forced to watch Eli Manning kiss the trophy (honestly, it's not any better with Tom Brady doing the same). Also, EA does not predict just how awful Madonna’s halftime performance will be. But we’ll do that for them — it’s going to be atrocious.