Vivitar 3D Digital Camcorder 790HD

Yes, we said 3D camcorder. Learn more about it right here.

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Vivitar 3D Digital Camcorder 790HD

I can’t really work past the fact that you have to wear a pair of stupid colored glasses to get the full effect of 3D cameras. Though I like the premise of 3D video cameras, the technology still is in the midst of evolving – and this technology still needs to develop an opposable thumb. (Metaphorically speaking of course.)

What I do like is the simplicity of the Vivitar 790HD 3D camera; you switch it on and you’re pretty much ready to go – in 3D. You can record and playback in 3D, which is essentially what you want from a 3D camera. The camera fits right in the palm of your hand and has an easy function access to shift from video to 3D still camera mode. Zooming around my house, the first thing I do is play Dr. Tong’s House of 3D, and move in-and-out close to objects for optimum effect.

The camera has two lenses to create the red/blue shift for the 3D effect. Putting on the annoying colored glasses, I’m able to hook the camera up to my laptop via a USB cable so I can watch my very own 3D movie of my apartment being filmed. If you want to show your footage to friends or at a party – just make sure they bring their own 3D glasses so they can share the experience. Watching the footage is cool enough (though my eyes hurt after a while) though the color saturation isn’t great and you also get some noise with the image. But, the Vivitar 3D Digital Camcorder 790HD goes for the insanely low price of $99. Just don’t lose your set of glasses otherwise the image looks like someone went mental with the hue saturation.

The Vivitar 3D Digital Camcorder 790HD is cool little camera for what it does, but 3D is clearly still in the development stage and has a ways to go before it really catches on.

Here’s the Skinny on the Vivitar 3D Digital Camcorder 790HD

  • 16MB of built-in memory
  • 2.7 inch screen
  • 5.1 megapixel fixed-focus shooter
  • 720p at 25fps
  • 4X digital zoom
  • Self Timer
  • Anti-Shake & Face Detection Features


Price: A mere $99