4th and Goal: Super Bowl Edition Pt 1

Four questions leading up to the big game.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Which QB has the edge going into the Super Bowl?

I would have to give the edge to the New York Giants because they appear, on paper to be the more complete team. They field a solid defense combined with a balanced offense that features two receivers you ave to watch on every play. The Patriots on the other hand, aren't a great running team and despite a solid postseason, their defense is still the same one that finished next to last in the regular season.


How does the Gronkowski ankle injury affect this matchup?

The ankle of Rob Gronkowski is the most influential ankle to an outcome to a game that I can ever recall. Gronk is a huge part of the Patriots passing offense and most of his effectiveness comes from matchup problems he creates. If you put a nickel on him, he will just overpower him and if you slap a linebacker on him, he will run right by. But if this ankle slows him down any, that will allow the Giants to use a linebacker giving them access to a wider range of blitzes,


Are we heading for a shootout or a low scoring game?

Oh, make no mistake about it, we are heading into a shootout of a game. With two of the more potent offenses in the league, defensive stops are going to be at a premium for this contest. I would not be surprised to see at least 50 total points in this game as both sides will be slinging it with abandon. Granted, the past few matchups between these two teams have been low scoring affairs but I just don't see that happening here.


What is Eli Manning's biggest motivation heading into the Super Bowl?

Obviously, Eli is going there to win the game but I don't neccesarily believe he is doing it for the Giants. No, a Super Bowl win would give Eli bragging rights at the dinner table over big brother Peyton and if you have ever had an older brother, you know how big that is. A win would also tie him up with Ben Roethlisberger for most SB wins out of their draft class. That class, especially if Rivers can get a ring, has a chance to go down as the best ever.