Hank Hill Listens To 7 Songs and Hates Them All

That boy’s taste in music ain’t right.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Give Hank Hill credit for trying to get on Bobby’s wavelength every once in awhile. Unfortunately, Hank and his son might as well be on completely different planets. Case in point: musical taste. Thanks to a King of the Hill meme, we now know all the music Bobby listens to that Hank despises. Observe:



Skrillex comes to Arlen.



Yeah, I guess Bobby would listen to Ke$ha. High school, amiright?


Soulja Boy

Hank doesn’t know the first thing about SWAG.


Death Metal




I think Hank and I are in agreement here.



Does Rebecca Black have a medical disorder, or do we have the disorder, because we allowed her to become famous in the first place?


Justin Bieber

His brain exploded. Or there was a coincidental propane explosion.


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