Funny Pages – Street Fighter Kicks Video Ass

Today’s big hero, is none other than Dorkly with an awesome Street Fighter video.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof


It’s January 26th and this is all that’s fit to print on the front page of the web’s best, funniest and most viral of sites. So get a vaccination and pull up a chair on wheels to watch this

Atom Films – Extra Butter, Please: 208 (link)

Some quick and dirty pop parody sketches.

Here’s a quick troll break from …


Break  – The Greatest Spelling Bee Troll Ever (link)

And this is why Eastern education is kicking our asses.


College Humor – Jake and Amir: Itinerary (link)

Jake and Amir return as the most annoying friends in history.

Dorkly – Ken Wants to be Ryu (link)

It’s not easy being a 2D fighter, there’s a lot to live up to, how big your fireball is, what color Gi you wear and how big your fireball is. Did I mention it’s mostly about ball size? I mean unless you’re chun li, then it’s about… can I say ‘slit’ on here?

UCB Comedy – Jim-A-Day Calendar: Jan 25, 2012 (link)

Looks like UCB is taking a page out of the Saturday Night Live play book and milking a sketch that should have only existed once, and running with it for a full month.

Here’s a major annoyance for me, you take a concept, that in itself isn’t overly funny or clever, but give it a full month run on your front page… then make sure it’s shot well! Get some damn lights, and oh.. a writer.

This is just a terrible, terrible thing.


Funny Or Die – Paula Deen's Diabetes Ad (link)

Betsy Sodaro is a name you’re going to hear more and more, she is one of the 3 funniest women on the interwebs today.  This video has her playing a dead pan Paula Deen, doing a half diabetes commercial, half cooking show.  Trust me, goggle her, keep an eye on her and you’ll have on of your new favorite funny ladies to look out for.

That’s all the hurricane kick I’ve got left to punch out.

That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and get your Huuuuurrdukken on!

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