Funny Pages – Long Live the Monkey King

It’s a good day for videos, homeless wackos and rugrats.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Prepare yourself or an epic day of videos, including an all time viral fav of mine, the worlds cutest screaming child and oh yea Funny or Die destroys the rugrats.


Dailymotion  – THE F-LIST – 3rd Episode – Once Upon A Thyme (link)

Getting your break, as an actor is hard, desperate times call for desperate measures. Even if that means putting your life on the line. Bobby is deathly allergic to cayenne pepper, and that’s just what he has to eat to sink his teeth in to this part.

Break  – 8-Year-Old Girl's First Hard Core Song  (link)

Kick back and take a break, on break. It’s time to relax… with the cutest screaming child you’ve ever seen.

Finally a use for ADHD.


College Humor – The Student Film Awards (link)

It’s award season, which means get ready for a ton of ‘bad award’ show spoofs.. starting with, The Student Film Awards.


Dorkly – Ski Free Yeti Gets Desperate (link)

Call the Ski Police Cops, this yeit is hungry… for your friendship!


UCB Comedy – Monkey King (link)

I’m glad to see this finally featured on the front page of UCB. I actually came across this video over a year ago, and I’ve had lines from it stuck in my head since then.

So may I present to you with my pick of the week… The Monkey King starring John Murray and Sean Clements out of UCB New York and Directed by Will Hines.


Funny Or Die – Rugrats (link)

And if this doesn’t rape your childhood dreams, you’re dead inside… or 30+


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and get your cutey screamo on

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