Would YOU Retire If You Were Peyton Manning?

Taking a look at one of Indy's biggest what-if's.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Yesterday, that's Wednesday for those keeping score, Rob Lowe made the blogo-sphere and twitter-verse explode with a somewhat innocent tweet that he heard through his 'people' that Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts was getting set to announce his retirement. While normally the sports thoughts of a second tier TV actor doesn't get much attention, this did, mainly because Lowe is apparently good friends with Colts owner Jim Irsay. Throw that little fact in and you get Lowe trending and a huge dose of Manning speculation.

Even though this reeks of the general population just jumping on something for jumping on sake, it actually does bring to the forefront an interesting possibility for Peyton Manning.


Is or should he be considering this and if you were him (or he, whichever is grammatically appropriate), would you do it?

With the Colts all but certainly drafting Andrew Luck of Stanford with the number 1 overall pick in the upcoming draft, the writing is on the wall that, healthy or not, Peyton's time with Indy is fast approaching over. So, being as big as Manning was/is in Indianapolis, and the fact that he is approaching 36 years old, is retirement the answer?

Look, for anyone else I'd say a slam-dunk no, but for Peyton, I can give a pretty convincing argument for retirement. I mean, the guy has literally done it all for the Colts. He is a future Hall of Fame player who has given the franchise and himself a SuperBowl win. He is an 11 time pro bowl alum and has won a whopping 4 league MVP's. The man is a legend in Indy and could easily transition into the coaching ranks or, at the very least, the announcers table because the guy just exudes charisma and charm on-screen.

The thing is, however, I really don't believe that retirement is going to happen and if I was Peyton, I wouldn't do it unless for health reasons. The guy is one of the greatest competitors of the last 20 years easy. He is as hands on as you can get in his job and that kind of fire just isn't turned off in a heartbeat, it's got to gradually fade with the acceptance that he just can't get it done anymore.

And we are so not there yet!

No, Peyton is probably going to have to come to grips with leaving Indy because there won't be room for both him and luck outside of an off-chance one season. Considering the style of football he plays, smart football that doesn't get him sacked very often, he could go another four years at a high level easy.

So, as much as I am loathe to disagree with the sports prognostication of Rob Lowe and his 'people', I don't think we've seen the last ofd Peyton Manning on the football field.