Mr. Big Shot Delivers

Clippers win with Billups 3-pointer.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Chauncey Billups’ nickname is Mr. Big Shot and Thursday night against the Mavs he once again reminded us why. Billups proved he nerves were fortified with steal back with the Pistons where he became the bearer of late game heroics throughout the regular season and on their march to a title.  Apparently, the Mavs forgot Mr. Big Shot comes to play and if that clock says under a minute to go you best put two hands in his face and one finger poking him in the eye if you want him to miss. Heck, even then he’ll probably make it.

Let me backtrack. Mo Williams lead the Clippers with 26 points and Griffin lead the team with 17 rebounds, but when LA is under a minute to go they aren’t looking for Griffin. They aren’t looking for Williams. They weren’t even looking for CP3, although in his defense he was injured. No, they were looking for Mr. Big Shot. More accurately, Billups was taking the ball, taking the shot, and putting the Clippers on his back.

He nailed 2 3-pointers in the last minute to ensure an LA victory over a very deserving Dallas squad. On a Clipper team stock-piled with talent the goes flash in the pan, Billups is an old school, hard D, hard-nosed baller that knows not just how to put up numbers, but how to close out games. Hell, Chauncey knows how to close out a series. He is the Derek Fischer of the Clippers. The new Robert Horry of LA.

Yes, everyone loves to chant Lob Angeles and Lob City, but without Billups LA probably wouldn’t be able to chant it too deep into the playoff. He is the X factor for the Clippers and combined with CP3 makes the most potent 1-guard rotation in the NBA.