7 More Movies Changed for Foreign Markets

See how they sell movies around the world!

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

Often times, when films are shown overseas, a good amount of the story and action can get lost in translation. So, in order to avoid that, studios try and "spin" the movie to make it more relatable when selling it to their audience. Usually with hilarious results. 

We here at CRAVE have researched some of your favorite films, and discovered how they are sold overseas for that sweet green. 

Take a look:

Sixteen Candles, as marketed in Somalia:


Se7en, as marketed in the rural south: 


Predator, as marketed in Latin America: 


Scream, as marketed in Canada:


No Strings Attached, as marketed in France:


Brokeback Mountain, as marketed in Europe:


Top Gun, as marketed in Japan:


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