Who’s Directing the ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot?

The director of the upcoming low-budget super powers flick Chronicle will helm the film, but only if you like his first movie.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

We all knew this was coming. The Fantastic Four is just way too big, way to important, way too appealing a comic book franchise to let the Tim Story movies sink them in Hollywood. Some argue that they both sucked, we personally argue that the second one sucked slightly less, but neither were the film we all knew Fantastic Four could be. Now 20th Century Fox is apparently at it again. And who have they got in mind to bring the world's biggest science-fiction superhero story to the screen? Would you believe… the guy whose first film looks like it cost almost nothing to make?

Variety reports that 20th Century Fox is interesting in handing Chronicle director Josh Trank the keys to the Fantasti-Car. His debut feature, a found footage film about teenagers with super powers, opens February 3rd, so fan reaction is unknown, but obviously they're feeling very positive about it. Not positive enough though… Apparently they're waiting to see how Chronicle does on its opening weekend – opposite the Super Bowl, incidentally – before officially making an offer. Wow, that sucks. 

No really, that sucks. In addition to competing with one of the most watched broadcasts all year – meaning a large portion of the "guy movie" demographic will be busy for at least a quarter of the weekend – they're judging how audiences like his film based on opening weekend ticket sales, which have f*ck all to do with the quality of an original intellectual property and more to do with a strong cast, a neat-o concept and, most importantly, a bravura marketing campaign. If word of mouth has any effect on opening weekend, it kicks in by Sunday, when everyone will be home watching the Super Bowl.

Keep your fingers crossed for Josh Trank, here, assuming at least that he's the right man for the job. Maybe they'll grade him on a curve. If he gets the gig, it looks like he'll be working from a script by Michael Green, who co-wrote Green Lantern (yikes) and was recently name-dropped in association with the floundering Akira remake. No word on any other talent involved. Are we the only ones who hope that Benedict Cumberbatch lands the part of Victor Von Doom? It sure would be nice to get an actor with real gravitas this time, that's for sure.

CraveOnline will be back with more Fantastic Four reboot news as soon as we figure out how to flame off.