Revisiting My 5 NFL Predictions

Am I as football savvy as I think I am?

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Before the start of every football season, as is my custom, I make a few predictions on what will happen within the NFL that season and this year was no exception. At the end of preseason, back in the beginning of September, I made five bold proclamations. Let's revisit them and see if I knew what I was talking about.


Prediction Number 1

The Pittsburgh Steelers will NOT suffer their typical post-SuperBowl hangover!

The Steelers finished this season 12-4 and lost in the wild-card weekend to the Denver Broncos. While that may not be the greatest season, it's far better than the ones following their previous two SuperBowls where they didn't even make the playoffs. Also, when explaining the why behind this prediction, I did say two correct things about the Steelers season. I said that some key young pieces like receivers Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown, are poised to break out this year (Antonio Brown did). I also said that, "If the Steelers can avoid the injury bug, then they should cruise to yet another AFC North crown and possibly back to back Super Bowls." They couldn't avoid it and fell short.

I'm counting this as a true prediction.


Prediction Number 2

Jamaal Charles will lead the league in rushing.

I had such high hopes for Charles entering the season. I believed he was poised to take himself out of the good back column and rush into the great one. Unfortunately, the injury bug reared it's ugly head and he suffered a season ending injury in just the second week of the season.

This was not a prediction proven right.


Prediction Number 3

Aaron Rodgers will be the league's MVP.

OK, the award hasn't been given out yet but it's pretty much a given that Rodgers is going to be this years league MVP. After leading the Packers to a 15-1 regular season mark and posting some ridiculous regular season numbers, it's as I said then, a no-brainer. For the season, Rodgers threw for 4643 yards on 68.3% passing with 45 touchdowns and only 6 interceptions. His QB rating for the season was122.5

I will count this as a true prediction.


Prediction Number 4

Brett Favre WILL stay retired but Randy Moss WON'T.

I'm gonna have to put this one down as a wash due to it only being half right. Despite some heavy rumors near the latter part of the season, the former Packer great, Brett Favre, did stay retired. Randy Moss, on the other hand, did not hardly get mentioned at all this season and never returned to the field. Who would have thought he would have more retirement class than Favre?

I count this as a wash.


Prediction Number 5

I will NOT get all my predictions right.

This was kind of a lame one but hey, we can all be a little lame at times, can't we? Anyway, I was correct because the Charles prediction and the Moss part of number 4 didn't come to fruition. So, that means, that my crystal ball did have some foggy moments even though overall, I count this round of fortune telling as a win.

I count this prediction as a true one.

Next year, however, I'm going 5 for 5.


Photo Credit: Shutterstock/Vinicius Tupinamba