Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins on ‘Justified’

The stars of FX's hit series talk to us about the contentious relationship between Raylan and Boyd.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

True to his character on "Justified," Timothy Olyphant was a man of few words. At a Television Critics Association press conference for the third season, I tried asking Olyphant about Raylan’s abilities after being shot. Things got a bit more lively when I brought Walton Goggins into the conversation.


Crave Online: Can you talk about playing an injured Raylan this year and how long does that keep hindering him?

Timothy Olyphant: It's pretty much the same deal except for, in one or two scenes, I had to sit in the makeup trailer a little longer,  but, otherwise, it's business as usual.

Crave Online: But in the first episode back, he has a tougher time getting around and handling himself in fights.

Timothy Olyphant: Yeah, he does. 

Crave Online: Is that interesting or fun for you to play?

Timothy Olyphant: You know, the whole thing is fun, you know. It's just a great job, and as long as he's breathing, it's pretty fun.

Crave Online: For Walton too, how is Boyd and Raylan’s relationship this year?

Walton Goggins: It's as contentious and lovely as it's always been. I think one of the greatest things that happened this season for me is speaking to a writer and talking about a scene and saying, "You know, these guys, they really like each other." And the writer looked at me and said, "You know, when I had this conversation with Tim, Tim says, 'You know, these guys really hate each other.'"

And I think that's really interesting because I think that's where Tim kind of comes from, and it's certainly kind of where I come from, and never the twain shall meet, really. And I hope that they never do because I never really know what Tim is going to do, and, hopefully, he never really knows what I'm going to do.

Crave Online: Is this session the first time you and Tim have talked about that? 

Timothy Olyphant: We haven't spoken about it.

Walton Goggins: We haven't really spoken about it, no.

Crave Online: Timothy, why do you think they hate each other?

Timothy Olyphant: I actually have no idea, but I'm always just doing whatever it takes to get some material that makes it keep going. The fact is it's just a pleasure working with Walt. It just never stops becoming entertaining, trying to figure out how to do the same scene over and over again in a new, fresh way with surprising results.