T.G.I.M.! #141

Basketball is in full swing and there's plenty to watch this week.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

With the NFL down to basically three meaningful games left and baseball still a month away from training camp, it's basketball that takes up the slack in our sports viewing. Thanks to a holiday this Monday, we are started out this week with an army of quality games to chose from and the entertainment continues all through the week as good game after good game is on the tube. This week, of course, is topped off on Sunday by the NFL Conference Championship's, two games that are sure to be both exciting and entertaining.



(NBA) Chicago at Memphis 1 pm ESPN

(NBA) Toronto at Atlanta 4 pm NBATV

(NBA) Oklahoma City at Boston 8 pm TNT

(NBA) Dallas at LA Lakers 10:30 pm TNT

(NCAABB) No. 15 Louisville at No. 24 Marquette 3:30 pm ESPN

(NCAABB) Texas A&M at No. 9 Missouri 5:30 pm ESPN

(NCAABB) Pittsburgh at No. 1 Syracuse 7:30 pm ESPN

(NCAABB) No. 4 Baylor at No. 10 Kansas 9:30 pm ESPN



(NCAABB) No. 7 Michigan St. at No 13 Michigan 7 pm ESPN

(NCAABB) No 11 Georgetown at DePaul 7 pm ESPN2

(NCAABB) Arkansas at No 2 Kentucky 9 pm ESPN

(NBA) San Antonio at Miami 7:30 pm NBATV



(NCAABB) Cincinnati at No 16 Connecticut 7 pm ESPN2

(NCAABB) Texas at No 18 Kansas St. 9 pm ESPN2

(NBA) Portland at Atlanta 8 pm ESPN

(NBA) Dallas at LA Clippers 10:30 pm ESPN



(NCAABB) Wake Forrest at No 6 Duke 7 pm ESPN

(NCAABB) Vanderbilt at Alabama 7 pm ESPN2

(NCAABB) Illinois at Penn St. 9 pm ESPN2

(NCAAB) No 3 North Carolina at Virginia Tech 9 pm ESPN

(NBA) LA Lakers at Miami 8 pm TNT

(NBA) Dallas at Utah 10:30 pm TNT



(NBA) LA Lakers at Orlando 8 pm ESPN

(NBA) Minnesota at LA Clippers 10:30 pm ESPN



(NCAABB) Alabama at No 2 Kentucky 12 pm CBS

(NCAABB) No 1 Syracuse at Notre Dame 6 pm ESPN

(NCAABB) No 10 Kansas at Texas 4 pm CBS

(NCAABB) No 9 Missouri at No. 4 Baylor 2 pm ESPN

(NBA) Denver at New York 7:30 pm NBATV



(NFL) Baltimore at New England 3 pm CBS

(NFL) NY Giants at San Francisco 6:30 pm FOX

(NBA) Boston at Washington 1 pm NBATV