New Heroes of Ruin Trailer Highlights Heroes, Locales

A new trailer spotlights the game’s characters and environments.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


We haven’t reported much on Square Enix’s 3DS dungeon crawler, Heroes of Ruin. So we’re remedying that mistake today by sharing a new video highlighting the game’s lead characters and environments. You can watch it below.

Bonus: it's got Shark-people (as seen above).

As previously mentioned, Heroes of Ruin is a dungeon crawler in the same vein of classics such as the Diablo series. My cohorts, Joey Davidson and Mike White, both played Heroes of Ruin this past year at New York Comic Con and very much enjoyed the experience. It was a hidden gem tucked away behind giant booths advertising Square’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution. We’re lucky to have stumbled across it and given it a shot. Now we’re drawing your attention to Heroes of Ruin. If you own a 3DS and love dungeon crawlers, take note of this game.