4th And Goal: The Divisional Round

4 questions , 4 games, that's how we roll.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Is this the week the Saints record their first road playoff win?

Drew Brees of the Saints is playing the best ball of anyone left in the playoffs. He is throwing with a tenacity and accuracy that is leaving all competitors in the dust. In playing the 49ers on the road this week, in the outdoors, he will need all of that in order to advance. San Francisco is a question mark in these playoffs due to inexperience but they have the personnel to win this game, but only if they can keep the Saints under 20 points.

That ain't happening, Saints win a sloppy one 24-17


What chance do you give Tim Tebow of besting Tom Brady?

When it comes to anything, including winning in these playoffs, it comes down to an old saying…where there's a will there's a way. With that in mind, let's face facts, nobody has more will than Tim Tebow right now. That guy has drank his own kool aid in a non-arrogant way and is playing some pretty good football. Beating the Steelers was huge and doing it again to New England would be astronomical.

But I only give it about 25% chance of happening, so give me Patriots over Denver 31-24.


Is Baltimore the team to beat in the AFC?

The Baltimore Ravens, on paper, is the best team remaining in the AFC. They have a dominant defense and an offense that features a playoff experiences QB along with the top offensive threat in the league (in my opinion) in Ray Rice. The knock on them, however, is that Flacco is having his most inconsistent year as a starter, making it hard to see them as the team to beat.

This week, though, they should cruise over the Texans 27-17.


Is focus a problem for the Packers?

Last season, the Packers exploded onto the scene out of nowhere to win the SuperBowl. They were a team seasoned in the fires of adversity and they rode the momentum train all the way to the promise land. This year, despite only losing one game, I don't think the focus level is where it needs to be in order to repeat. They will be without their offensive coordinator who is suffering a family tragedy and a number of their other assistants will be more focused on a potential head coaching job with the Oakland Raiders than this game. You see, new Oakland GM Reggie McKenzie, a former Green Bay director of football operations for many, many years (from 1994-2012) and has stated that he will bring one of his guys in to coach and that list includes a number of current Packers coaches.

This is the week that the Giants topple the giant, New York over Green Bay 42-37.