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Oh good somebody put Tommy Wiseau in a video. Idiots.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

The theme of the week seems to be annoying asshats. But that could make this bucket full of videos more relevant than most!


Atom Films – The House That Drips Blood On Alex – Starring Tommy Wiseau (link)

Tommy Wiseau is the creator of the worst movie in the world, yes worse than Troll 2. And now I guess somebody tried to make the worst sketch comedy video in the world wide web. Though it’s got Brookers and iJustine in it… so at least there’s something good about it… but it’s really confusingly bad at least for the first minute and a hallf. Cause that’s as far as I could watch it before my internet rejected it and enveloped inside itself creating a time vortex to commit virtual suicide.


College Humor – Wise (link)

Jack and Amir return with the world’s most obviously annoying friendship, or should I call it a friendshit? Though somehow through the annoyances I made it through to the end of the sketch, which had the real gems, and educated the world about gay beetles.


Dorkly – Final Fantasy Thief Steals Wallet (link)

Chaos is sad, and like’s meatball subs! Which is actually pretty awesome, cause those things are awesome. Damn I want one right now, some provolone,  maybe a few pepperchinis … mmm


Funny Or Die – Toys R Me with Lance Reddick (link)

This is pretty much a really good time. Lance Reddick is the ultimate bad ass… I mean bad manager/ass#*!$. Really well done.

That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and lego my lego, bitach nuts!

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