James Not So Fundamental

James’ lack of clutch performance hurts again.

CraveOnlineby CraveOnline

James went 3 of 6 on the free throw line in the last 81 seconds to allow the Clippers to tie the game and force OT. Then in OT he went 1-3 allowing LA to steal a W that truly belonged to Miami.

James bashing is more popular than a Ryan Gosling eHarmony profile. I am not one of those that buy into all the bashing, although I will admin Gosling was pretty damn good in “Drive.”

Yes, LeBron’s performance in clutch time over the last two games has been painful.  He went a combined 1-6 in the two OTs, which the Heat went on to lose. And the world is well aware of James’ NBA Finals vanishing act last year, but LeBron is still clutch. It’s just that he’s been historically so clutch the expectation is for him to never miss. Well, he’s been missing lately 

Is he the next coming of Jordan or the self-ordained King? No, he’s more and more simply LeBron James. That doesn’t mean he’s not one of the premiere players in the game. It might just mean he’s got a little more tarnish on his spotless persona than before. Hell, it might even mean Dwade is more and more the obvious first option in clutch time for Miami, but if so … not by much. Lets us to be so myopic to forget LeBron’s Cleveland customary heroics.  Although I will admit LeBron in Cleveland draining game-winners feels like a distant memory.

I will full-heartedly admit to being a James supporter. I respected his decision to move to Miami, even if I didn’t agree with his method of informing the world. I never joined the LeBron bashing ban-wagon a year ago and have always loved the way he balled with enthusiasm and a true love for the game. Yet going 50% on free throws with under 1:30 left on the clock? Come on now, that’s closer to an epic fail than something worthy of someone called the king.  I’m hoping this is a mere growing pain for the anointed one and his confidence and clutch performance will quickly return.

Photo credit – AP