Showtime TCA News Wrap Up

The network promises more incest for "Dexter" and talks about the new seasons of "The Borgias," "The Big C" and "Homeland."

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

The last two episodes of "Dexter's" sixth season introduced the idea that Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) had developed romantic feelings for her adopted brother, Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) shortly before catching him in the act of killing the Doomsday Killer, Travis Marshall (Colin Hanks).

At the Television Critics Association winter press tour, Showtime President David Nevins was besieged by "Dexter" questions, especially about the unsettling incest angle; which Nevins enthusiastically defended.

“I’m aware that there’s a certain taboo despite the fact that they’re not genetically related, but [this is] something that has been building over a number of years,” exclaimed Nevins, before adding that “[It was] an idea that’s informed how they’ve done this show for a long time.” 

Nevins also said that he had been "pushing to shake up [Dexter's] formula a bit… so he’s not such a lone wolf.” And after the season finale, Nevins explained that there is now "a very clear trajectory [for] the next two seasons, and it’s going to help to write with that endgame in mind. There should be fundamentally different dynamics now that Deb [knows the truth about Dex] and it’s going to ricochet." Nevins also admitted that "Dexter" may end after eight seasons, but he declined to firmly rule out any additional seasons.

Moving on to other shows, Nevins noted that "Nurse Jackie," "The Big C" and "The Borgias" will all return on Sunday, April 8 for their new seasons. Nevins was also quick to mention that the fourth season of "Nurse Jackie" isn't necessarily the last while adding “I was really pushing [for Jackie to] start facing some of the consequences of her actions and she does in a big way.” As for "The Borgias," Nevins promised that the show will be bigger in season two. He added that "It’s got more action and is going in more directions… and I certainly anticipate more seasons.”

For "Homeland," Nevins seemed to suggest that the action will pick up some time after the first season finale; which found Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) drummed out of the CIA and about to undergo electro-shock therapy that could wipe out her memory tying Sgt. Brody (Damian Lewis) to the terrorist Abu Nazir (Navid Negahban). And Carrie was probably also hoping to forget her affair with Brody and the lingering feelings she has for him.

Nevins suggested that relationship between Carrie and Brody  “[has] only just begun, There’s an enormous amount unresolved and that will be a certainly be an issue in season 2. ” He later hinted that “the writers have some very clever answers for [topping the first season].” Nevins also predicted that the series would stay “one step ahead of the doubting Thomases.”

Nevins also conceded that the upcoming eighth season of "Weeds" may be the last.