7 Sci-fi Vacation Spots to Avoid

We list the worst places to visit in a Galaxy far-far-away.

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

Thinking about getting away for while? Sure. Who doesn't? Sick of Cancun or South Beach? That's understandable. But there are some places out there that you definitely want to avoid. 

We here at CRAVE have compiled a little list of places that, despite how good the travel pamphlets might look, you might want to steer clear of this time of year (or every part of the year for that matter). 

Check 'em out:


LV-426 (Hadley's Hope)

In a land where the sun burns cold, where the local residents are harvested to become home for chest-bursting aliens, LV-426 might be the last place you want to visit. Though, by all accounts, we hear their room service is impeccable. 



Sure, it's quiet. Sure, Kurt Russell is there. And sure, it's probably important to keep a flame-thrower by your side. But Antartica, believe it or not, is full of shape-shifting aliens that want to live inside your body and take over the world. Might want to rethink setting foot here. 



Home of the Lions, the Tigers, and Tim Allen, this metropolitan wonderland is home to the toughest streets in the US. When not being ruled with an iron fist by Multinational Company OCP, Detroit is subject to gangland violence between Robocop and the dad from That 70's Show



Unless you really want to go to a place where your eyes can burst out of your skull and the civil war has everyone killing each other, it's probably best to avoid Mars. On the lighter side they do have three-boobed prostitutes.


The Monroeville Mall, outside Philly, Pennsylvania. 

Spacious food court, wonderful shopping, plenty of ammo, and did we mention… ZOMBIES!!! This lovely little mall in the heart of Pennsylvania is infested with flesh-eating, brain-smashing, dead heads. And that's just the Abercrombie & Fitch. 



The land of the rising sun has its perks: the people are polite, the food is small and compact, and the gardening is breathtaking. Did we mention the giant radioactive monsters that occasionally do battle in major cities? Yeah… it happens from time to time.


1885 Hill Valley, California

By all accounts, California is beautiful — when it's not the setting for worst film of the Back to the Future francise. Keep it in the 80's people.


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