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Is Iman Shumpert the elusive missing piece for the Knicks?

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Iman Shumpert

Iman Shumpert is quickly establishing himself as the unforeseen missing link to New York’s big 3. After the Knicks acquired Stoudemire, Anthony, and Chandler, it was generally accepted that they were one of the best teams in the East. Yet, the Knicks offense has remained a bit awkward at times minus the 1-guard play of injured Davis.

In steps Iman Shumper. This 6 ft 5 inch guard out of Georgia Tech has already raised eyebrows in a city tough to impress. In his first Madison Square Garden appearance Shump dropped 16 points going 7 for 13 in 35 minutes with 6 rebounds, 4 assists, and 3 steals. Yikes, is this guy seriously a rookie?

On a team deep with name ballers, Shump is quickly becoming the talk of the town. His body is built for the NBA game as his height allows him to see over defenses and has proved a great compliment to the attention grabbing play of both Anthony and Stoudemire on offense. With two offensive weapons that will both be drawing double-teams, off-guards that can play confidently and consistently like Shumper will be the perfect fit.

After years of aimlessly reshaping their roster, the Knicks may have finally arrived at a combination that works.  Needless to say, they paid top dollar for most of their key players, but players like Shump that just seem to fit are the keys to making a good team great and the key to maintaining the salary cap. At $1.5 million a year, Iman is clearly a bargain for the Knicks who have paid top dollar for other big names. If Shump keeps putting up the numbers he has so far, the money and success should follow.


Photo credit – AP