The Wit & Wisdom of Charlie Sheen

The self-proclaimed warlock fields questions at the TCA press tour.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

Charlie Sheen held court with the Television Critics Association at the Fox party on Sunday night. He’s developing a new show for FX called "Anger Management," which is just beginning to cast the supporting actors. I jumped in with a few questions, but I don’t want you readers to miss out on any of the pearls Sheen shared with the TCA. So in his own words, here is the wisdom of Charlie Sheen. 


Charlie Sheen on the FX network:

I’m a big "Sons of Anarchy" fan. I was a "Nip/Tuck" fan. I just think they take it very seriously.

Charlie Sheen on coming back to TV:

I don't know, man. Just everything about ["Anger Management"} made sense. It's not anything like the movie. We’re basically doing the title, that’s it.

Charlie Sheen on "Anger Management: The Series":

I'm an ex ball player who had a short career because of an injury and a major anger issue. So he has a shortened career like I said and he had anger issues and so there's themes of atonement, about a guy that wants to go back and give something back that is good, set the record, fix it.

I jump in to ask if Charlie Sheen still plans to make "Major League III":


Then I politely remind him about "Major League: Back to the Minors":

That’s not 3! That wasn't us! We may just call it "Major League: 20 Years Later".

Charlie Sheen reflects on the Violent Torpedo of Truth Show:

It was a radical example of stick to what you know.

Charlie Sheen on life after winning:

Everything’s a lot more mellow and focused and much more rooted in reality.

Charlie Sheen admits to some regrets:

I would have been a little less vocal about the people I worked with in the executive branch. That's about it though.

Charlie Sheen on his relationship with Chuck Lorre:

I think it will solve itself. We haven't spoken, but absolutely I would give him a hug and say, “Hey, man!”

Charlie Sheen on the new "Two and a Half Men":

I've seen it a couple times, yeah. It's like a new show. It's a new show. I think parts of it are funny.

Charlie Sheen on Charlie Harper’s funeral:

I don't know. It was a little bizarre to watch your own funeral, you know. It was a little mean spirited, but whatever. It’s history now. There was a funeral in the movie I just finished that I survived, so I've survived two funerals in one year, that's pretty good.

Charlie Sheen’s next movie:

I just finished a new movie, the Roman Coppola film. It's called "A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III." That's me! It would take a while to explain but we just saw the first cut last night.

Sorry folks, the goddesses will not be on "Anger Management":

Absolutely not! I'm a single guy just hanging out with my children, you know.

Charlie Sheen describes what it’s like to lose $2 million per week:

Well, you can't really lose it because you didn't have it yet, you know what I'm saying? You mean lose the opportunity to make it? I went from making $2 million a week to making $1700 a week on Roman's film and I was never happier. So it ain’t about the money. It’s about where I’m at, about what’s going on, the set vibe.                         

I ask Charlie Sheen how much he’s sleeping these days. Remember he was going on three hours a night.

I'm back up to 6 or 7.

Charlie Sheen on collaborating with Bruce Helford on "Anger Management":

It's just every time that I see him it's like a hundred warm hugs, because to have my input welcomed is an alien concept for me. He said something really honest, he said, “I'm never going to make you say something that you don't want to say” and I said “I'm never going to not say something that's written so at least we hear it and then we'll make a decision from there” so we both showed up and we're in sync.

Charlie Sheen gives up on dominating the news media:

I think I started to figure out kind of what I am up against. There's just too many of you guys, I can't fight you. But I'm just trying to pick my spots wisely and think a little longer before I speak.