7 Racist Restaurant Receipts

Would you like the n-word with your order?

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Remember when you were so excited to get a free toy inside a cereal box? The closest thing adults have to that is ordering food at a restaurant and getting a free racist insult on their receipt. Sigh… From the look of these 7 receipts, and I wonder if Mel Gibson is taking fast food jobs to prepare for a role:


Pizza Hut

Introducing the new Big Black Meat Lover’s Pizza. [via]


Slug and Lettuce

Lettuce insult you! [via]


Papa John’s

The staffer meant to type “pinky eyes,” to warn the lady about her pink eye. Now she’ll never see an optometrist. [via]


Panera Bread

At least it’s better than at Papa John’s. [via]


Domino’s Pizza

Here’s your tip: PUNCH! [via]


Landmark Steakhouse

You’re gonna need a steak knife to cut through all this racism. [via]



Stay classy, Chic-fil-A. [via]


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