Sports Fix: Episode 12

The Denver Broncos beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime, Drew Brees breaks Dan Marino's historic single season passing record and more.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Josh Helmuth delivers all the top stories from the past week in sports!

The NFL playoffs are underway, and in dramatic fashion. Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos won in overtime on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers with just one play in the extra period, an 80-yard pass from Tebow to Demaryius Thomas, the longest overtime play in NFL Post season history. Because it took just one play, it was also the shortest overtime in NFL post season history, lasting only 11 seconds. Now that is Tebow Time. The Broncos will face off against the Patriots next week, while the Texans will play the Ravens after their win over Cincinnati. In The NFC next weekend the Niners will take on the Saints, and the Packers will play the Giants, it's notable that both top seeds- the Patriots and Packers – are both dead last in overall defense in all of the NFL.


And while we were away for the holidays, possibly the biggest news surrounded one of the aforementioned playoff teams, when Saints quarterback Drew Brees broke Dan Marino's historic single season passing record. The record, which Dan Marino set with the Dolphins in 1984, was at the top of the record books for nearly three decades at 5,087 yards. On December 26th, Brees broke that mark in New Orleans against the Falcons on a 4th quarter touchdown pass to Darren Sproles. Brees passed for another 389 yards (and five Touchdowns!) against Carolina in week 17, giving him a final tally of 5,476 yards. Brees also broke single season records for most completions and completion percentage.

Oh and by the way. Tom Brady had a pretty good season too. He was the second player to break Marino's record and now finishes 2nd on the list, as he wound up with 5,235 passing yards of his own.

I know you stat nerds are probably hyperventilating with excitement right now, but for the rest of us, let's move on to simpler terms.

The Colts lost to the Jaguars in week 17 giving them a final record of 2-14, tied with the St. Louis Rams for the worst in football, but due to a good ol' fashioned tiebreaker, it ensures the Colts will get the number 1 pick in this upcoming NFL draft. Almost everyone in the sports world assumes they will take highly touted Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, which could spell controversy if the move doesn't sit well with Peyton Manning, according to many sources. Manning 'insists' he hasn't thought much about the draft.

In basketball, Lebron James and Michael Jordan are engaged, not to each other…you know what I mean.

And the Heat have the best record in basketball right now, sitting at 8-1.

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