Rooney To Blame For Kompany’s Red Card, Says Mancini

The Manchester derby ends in controversy and Mancini thinks he knows who's to blame.  

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

The heated Manchester derby between United and CIty yet again ended in controversy last night after Vincent Kompany was given a red card due to a tackle made on United striker Nani. 



Whether or not Kompany deserved such a high penalisation is up for debate, with United arguing that any two-footed tackle deserves a straight red and City stating that Kompany was clearly going for the ball and not the player. However, the debate isn't just limited to the legions of furious fans on Twitter and Facebook, with both managers now giving their two cents on referee Chris Foy's decision.

Although initially refusing to offer his opinion out of fear that the FA would prohibit him from appearing on the bench in future games if he did so, City boss Roberto Mancini has now said that the tackle was "300% not a sending off", and that United striker Wayne Rooney was to blame.

"It was not a red card. Rooney told him his decision," said the Italian, "this type of tackle happened with Rio Ferdinand and other United defenders many times."

Kompany was sent off in the 12th minute of the game with United already 1-0 in the lead. Following his challenge on Nani, Rooney was seen running towards the referee immediately in order to complain. Foy dealt Kompany his red card shortly afterwards. United went on to win 3-2 after conceding two goals in the second half.

After Mancini's remarks Rooney took to Twitter to explain his side of the story, tweeting: "Funny how people think i got kompany sent off. Im not ref. i didnt give red card. But it was a clear red card. 2 footed tackle."

His feelings were mirrored by United defender Rio Ferdinand who tweeted this morning: "By the way how can there be any debate about the red card yesterday?? You leave the ground with a #2footTackle = Red card #fact."

Mancini has confirmed that he will appeal against the referee's decision, saying that "there is no way Vincent shouldn't play against Liverpool in the Carling Cup semi-final on Wednesday", but despite his frustrations he was still impressed by his squad's performance, saying: "I'm disappointed for the result but I'm happy with our performance and proud of my players. 

"We have taken a big move forward today. We have really played well and I think we can win the league now. United are the top squad in England and if we can play like that against them with ten players, show the same attitude and the same strength in every game, we will win the league."

Howwever, United boss Sir Alex Ferguson wasn't so sure that it was a good performance by City that made the scoreline so tight. "We made them better than they were," said the blunt Scottishman. "It was ridiculous. We were so careless in the second half. We took our foot off the pedal from a position when we should have battered them. They waited for us to make mistakes. We made them and it turned it into a score it shouldn't have been."