4th and Goal: Wild Card Weekend

We have one question for every NFL game to be played this weekend.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

In a battle between rookie QB's, is it may the best man win?

The first playoff game on the tv this weekend features two rookie signal callers in an event that is as rare as it may be ugly. Both have shown they can get a win in tight circumstances but in all honesty, that's about where the comparisons end. Andy Dalton is the future of the Bengals, he is their franchise man heading into the future. Yates, on the other hand, is just a caretaker till next season and the return of Matt Shaub.

That being said, I give Yates the edge to get the win due to the enormous wealth of talent that surrounds him on both sides on the ball. Sometimes it's isn't how talented you are that gets you the win as a QB but how talented are those around you and while has it's fair share of talent, it just doesn't stack up to what the Texans have.

Houston wins a close, ugly 17-14 game.


Can Matt Stafford keep up with Drew Brees enough for the Lions to pull off the upset?

In the primetime game on Saturday, we have the complete opposite of what is being played in Houston. We have two quarterbacks in Matt Stafford of the Lions and Drew Brees of the Saints who are not afraid to toss the rock and will do so, frequently, to much success. Defensive minded purist need not tune in as there won;t be muck of it played when these two clash.

Overall though, as much as I like Detroit to keep it close, Brees and the Saints are just too versatile a team to lose this game. With an improved running attack, New Orleans should have just enough to snuff out the final light of this season for the Detroit Lions.

Saints win 45-35.


Who needs to win the most out of the Atlanta/Giants game?

The answer to this one requires no complicated and detailed debate, it's the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons come into this postseason needing to get a playoff win under their belt after two straight one and done's the past two years. Matt Ryan has shown throughout regular seasons that he is a capable and efficient starter in this league but to truly cement himself as a legit QB, he needs to get at least one playoff win under his belt.

Facing a Giants team that may just be happy to be there, this could be the week that Ryan gets that playoff monkey off his back. It won't be easy, however, as this Giants team is talented enough to hang with anyone.

Atlanta wins 31-24.


Is there a chance in He… er, in heck that Denver can pull out the win?

I'd like to sit here and say that there is always a chance that any team can win on any given week but lets be honest here, Denver is not winning this game. Period. Even banged up, the Steelers are entering the game with the number 1 defense in the league and an offense that can be explosive at times. Denver's main issues coming into this game, a lack of a throwing game and the inability to get a pass rush, will spell doom for the Broncos and an easy win for the Steelers.

Pittsburgh wins 27-6.